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Types of Organizational Administration

Administrative administration is the process of directing the resources of employees, materials as well as buildings and funds in a business. It is comprised of four major stages of planning, organizing, Leading and Controlling. It also covers activities like framing policies and determining objectives, as well as setting up rules and procedure. It also involves monitoring and evaluating performance to identify areas of improvement.

Organizational structures help in streamlining office procedures by grouping similar work into departments and identifying the respective duties. They aid in creating an orderly chain of command and ensuring that every employee is aware of their authority as well as accountability. This decreases confusion and improves productivity. They also aid in establishing the process of delegating and assigning tasks to the most qualified employee for the task at hand.

This is the simplest kind of organizational structure. It is used in small-sized businesses or startups as well as new companies. This kind of OS allows for decisions to be made at all levels of management. This type of OS allows employees to think on their feet and take risks. However, it has its drawbacks, as it limits communication between subordinates and managers.

This kind of structure groups workers into teams that specialize in particular areas, such as marketing or human resources. This can aid in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It also ensures that every department is adequately resourced and that employees are adequately trained to handle their specific duties. This type of OS is a great option for companies growing rapidly and are willing to test new ideas without approval from management.


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