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The Best Digital Tools For Remote Collaboration

As remote work becomes more and more popular, it is vital that the right tools are utilized to ensure that collaboration is seamless. Digital tools can improve efficiency and facilitate better communication, regardless of distance between team members.

Slack, a well-known instant messaging platform, is used by teams from all industries. It’s become a great tool for remote collaboration. It allows for channels to be made based on departments, projects, and even non-work topics like dogs (#fun-dogs) or recipes (#foodlovers). File sharing is possible through Slack too as are video calls and conference calls that can be recorded. It also agenda management has an integrated tool for managing projects known as Trello which is great for remote team project management because it gives an overview of the entire project in Kanban view.

Another excellent project management tool for remote teams is Asana which allows you to track tasks and share information with colleagues all from the same location. It’s fully integrated, meaning you can chat with colleagues as well as share files and manage assignments from one platform.

ClickUp is a comprehensive online tool for collaboration that incorporates all the top features. It’s a central hub for teams that are looking to collaborate using video calling, document sharing, and task management. Its powerful reporting tools simplify the process of tracking project performance.


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