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Is Protegent Antivirus Scam?

Whether you are a business owner or simply a day-to-day net end user, you really sure that your personal computer system is safe from malware and Trojans. It is important to pick a reliable anti-virus software program alternative. However , numerous such applications have been belittled as scams or perhaps certainly not worth the money. An example is protegent, which cases to safeguard the pc from WannaCry malware. However , this declare is a fraud and should do not be dependable. In addition , numerous users have complained that this computer program slows down their own personal computers a lot of, so it is essential to evaluate the product’s features ahead of purchasing that.

Protegent is known as a Windows-based anti-virus solution designed to protect house and business users against viruses and malware. This company offers 3 different items for at-home and workplace use, with each type offering better quality security features. The most powerful of the home antivirus protection software solutions is Protegent 360, which provides real-time spy ware protection and proactive data recovery. The product also wipes the Windows registry and improves system performance.

The product’s specialized scanning engine defends your laptop or computer from genuine website spy malware, adware rootkits, Trojan viruses infection infections, and phishing scrapes. Additionally , the product includes a back up and restoration feature which can re-establish erased files. This operates in the backdrop, boosting download and upload speed while protecting your privacy. It could even defrag your harddisk to boost efficiency.


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